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Zhongdao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a technology company specializing in the design of car audio electronics and consumer electronics. The company's technical backbone is from the top students of all major institutions, with the same concept spontaneously joined.

85% of employees have bachelor degree or above, and the main technical staff has rich experience in chip software development.

Based on a stable development team, the company has won the support of many manufacturers and manufacturers around the world, including Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics, South Korea ABOV, Taiwan Elan, Silicon Power, Japan ROHM, STMicroelectronics and other chip manufacturers. .

Guided by market demand, the company adheres to strict and rigorous design principles, open and flexible design concepts, and professional cooperation design atmosphere.

Since its inception, the company has been adhering to the "science and technology leadership, integrity-based" business philosophy, the development of timely development strategies, real-time development of electronic products that closely follow the trend of the times, in technology with Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries.

The company advocates “performance-oriented” values; strives to be considerate for customers and “provides good products and value-added services for every customer” as the ultimate goal of the company.

Contact: Mr. Huang
Phone:13302884568     Tel:0750-3903709
Address: Building 601, Building 5, No. 15, Qunhua Road, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City

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